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View from Walkway Over the Hudson in warmer Fall weather

Welcome to Hudson Byways, the new blog coming to you from Historic Hudson River Towns! Our aim is to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening along the banks of the mighty Hudson River. Our membership is open to all the riverfront communities, from Yonkers to Albany, but our site, includes a lot of regional information as well, which we hope proves useful to you.

Things seem kind of quiet now in the Valley. The big Quadricentennial celebration of 2009 is behind us and winter has turned much of the river into an ice floe. Many of our historic properties are closed for the season and our farms and orchards are awaiting the first green signs of spring.

But through the winter doldrums there is still a lot going on. Perhaps the biggest news is that Congressman Maurice Hinchey, a long-time environmentalist and great friend of the region he serves, has proposed that the entire Hudson Valley be made a National Park. This would be a huge step up from the National Heritage Area designation, which was announced by Congress in 1998. There will be plenty of discussion about this idea in the months to come, with pros and cons flying from one end of the Valley to the other! Stay tuned.

The most dramatic addition to ways to enjoy the river is definitely the “Walkway Over the Hudson,” and people are out there in every kind of weather enjoying the spectacular view. Ever wonder what an ice floe looks like from up above? Well, now’s your chance. Head for Poughkeepsie on the East side, or Highland on the West, but be sure to wear the most comfortable walking shoes and warmest clothes you own. With a winter wind off the river, it’s chilly out there! For more information, go to

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