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Hudson River Tide Charts

Tide charts on the Hudson River are hard to come by on the Internet these days. Seems there is little federal funding for this currently. We've found charts for several Hudson River cities, but the list is by no means complete.

These tide charts are generated by the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina, using data provided by U.S. Bureau of Census. This site loads slowly at times, so we'll save you the trouble and offer these links directly to the pages on that site for Hudson River tides.

We've programmed the search for the next seven days of tides. For the graph version, we programmed it for the next four days to improve the readability of the graph. Be advised that the graph form takes slightly longer to load. Once you are connected to the University South Carolina site, you can adjust the dates of your search, if necessary.

Albany - graph form

Troy - graph form

Hudson - graph form

Poughkeepsie - graph form

Newburgh - graph form

Peekskill - graph form

Haverstraw - graph form

Ossining - graph form

Tarrytown - graph form

Dobbs Ferry
Dobbs Ferry - graph form

George Washington Bridge
George Washington Bridge - graph form

Greta Corens: Irises and Roses Exhibit

Greta Corens: Irises and Roses Exhibit

Saturday, August 16, 2014 - 11:00pm - Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 9:00pm
Greta Corens: Irises and Roses at The Field Gallery in Peekskill, NY
The Field Gallery is delighted to present the brilliant watercolors of artist and designer Greta Corens in Irises and Roses, a show which gloriously illustrates her master botanicals, rich with careful nuance and majestic elegance. Her flowers invite you to lean closer, the images calling you to revel as the magnificent, full bloom renderings couple with your own fragrant memories. Corens found the nurturing quality of beauty, art, and nobility in Dutch Baroque floral paintings during her early years at boarding school in Belgium, and first studied at the St. Lucas Architectural Institute in Brussels. After a move to New York City, Corens became a sought after fashion designer, while high demand for her portrait paintings was decisive in her recognition as an artist. After returning to Belgium to study at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Art, Corens explains, “I had an intimate rediscovery of the effects of flowers on my psyche that became a major inspiration in my paintings.” She has since returned to New York where many prestigious galleries on the East Coast showcased her work, including the National Art Club Gallery (for the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club) in NYC, and the Bendheim Gallery and the Flinn Gallery, both in Greenwich, CT. Corens has received several awards and prizes from online gallery exhibits, such as the and Her singular vision: capturing graceful transcendence into the natural world. For examples of Corens' work, please visit

The Field Library, 4 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill NY


Alicia Morgan, Curator (914)862-3297



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