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The Hudson River

Boat clubs
Boating on the Hudson is an adventure, from New York Harbor all the way up to Lake Champlain and the Erie Canal.  The Hudson River Boat & Yacht Club provides a warm welcome to mariners with a list of all their member marinas and clubs along your way.

Boat ramps
Boat owners will be happy to find many public boat ramps along the Hudson. NYS Department Environmental Conservation keeps a list by county of boat launch sites in New York State.

Fishing reports
The Hudson River Fisherman’s Association keeps an updated list of the kinds of fish being caught at spots up and down the river.

Striped Bass Fishing
Due to its historical significance and importance in the recreational and commercial fisheries, the striped bass is now the official saltwater (marine) fish of the State of New York.  Check here for background and fishing regulations.

Tidal Charts
Called by Native Americans, “river that flows both ways,” the Hudson is an estuary that is tidal from New York Harbor north past Kingston.  Tidal charts, important to all mariners on the river, are included here. 

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